Areas of Gas Detection Service

The use of ice re-surfacers (Zamboni’sTM) in arenas poses two potential hazards to arena personnel and public safety. The first hazard is the potential for a propane or gasoline leak in the storage area of the arena. The second potential hazard is the emission of carbon monoxide gas in the rink and adjacent public areas.

A further risk associated with arenas is that rooms housing equipment to chill the ice will also require ammonia or another refrigerant and will therefore require a refrigerant monitoring system.

Multigas Detection can service all of your gas detection needs when it comes to arenas. Multigas Detection installs equipment that can scan for multiple gases and alert the Facility Operator when an incident occurs, protecting arena staff and the public from potential hazards that arise from the operation of an arena.

Automotive Dealerships

Areas of Gas Detection Service.

Automobile dealerships with service bay and drop-off bay facilities require gas detection systems to be in place. Multigas Detection & Instrumentation Services Ltd. can outfit the service bay area of an automobile dealership with carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide detectors so it complies with federal and provincial safety standards.

Mechanical Rooms

Areas of Gas Detection Service.

Mechanical rooms present two numerous potential hazards and health risks to facility personnel and the public. The first risk is a potential for carbon monoxide poisoning from the gas fired heaters. The second is a risk for a natural gas leak. The third risk is exposure to Freon or ammonia from the chillers.

Chemical Storage

Areas of Gas Detection Service.

Chemical storage rooms offer a multitude of potential health and safety hazards as both combustible and toxic gases can be found in chemical storage areas. Some gases are heavier than air and some are lighter. Some gasses are inert and require an oxygen deficiency sensor. This is an area where facility owners and managers have to ensure they are meeting Federal and Provincial legislation and guaranteeing public safety.

Multigas Detection & Instrumentation Services Ltd. can install explosion proof sensors near the danger source to be used in conjunction with a control panel mounted in a non-classified area. This system will detect and alert the proper authorities when a gas has reached a dangerous level.

Swimming Pools

Areas of Gas Detection Service.

The use of chemicals as cleaning agents in pools causes potential health and safety risks to those using the pool facilities, as well as facility staff. The main concern at a pool is the use of chlorine, bromine, and Co2 in the water and storage of chemicals onsite.

Multigas Detection has a full range of products that monitor and provide an alert to the Facility Operator when a harmful level of these gases occur.

Oil and Gas

Areas of Gas Detection Service.

The oil and gas industry, both upstream and downstream, can have many gases of concern. Most applications will require explosion proof sensor transmitters, and sensors to detect methane, hydrogen sulfide, and other toxic gases.

Parking Garages

Areas of Gas Detection Service.

Public health and safety in parking garages is of paramount importance. Provincial and Federal law strictly requires the use of gas detection equipment in these facilities to monitor for carbon monoxide levels primarily, as well as nitrogen dioxide and propane emissions.

Multigas Detection has a full range of gas detection equipment specifically designed for parking garages. Multigas Detection can install and regularly calibrate, inspect, and service a parkade gas detection system, ensuring compliance with Federal and Provincial laws, as well as ensuring a safe and healthy building that has the highest level of energy efficiency.


Areas of Gas Detection Service.

Forklift use in warehouses creates concern over carbon monoxide levels. Multigas Detection & Instrumentation Services Ltd. can install a monitoring system that can interlock to ventilation systems for worker safety and energy efficiency.