Gas Detection for Cannabis Production Applications

Cannabis production facilities are exposed to various toxic and combustible gases that can be potentially hazardous to human health.

Creating perfect growing conditions requires reliable heating, humidity, cooling and ventilation. This may require heating by natural gas, propane gas, fuel oil, wood or electricity. Gas powered equipment produces carbon monoxide if not properly maintained and serviced. Lighting may produce enough heat to cause combustible gases to ignite. When the facility requires cooling, this is normally controlled by a ventilation system which supplies air conditioning and may result in refrigerant leaks.

In applications where Marijuana oil is extracted, the production typically involves using a flammable and hazardous solvent such as butane to extract the THC from the plant. At some point, the butane must be released to remove it from the oil which may pose a risk of explosion and asphyxiation. This is also a safety concern to be seriously considered.

At Multigas, we can assist you with design requirements, detection equipment, regulatory calibrations and service, commissioning and with our trusted suppliers, provide you with life safety systems that will give you peace of mind!