AMC-1ACOs Standalone Carbon Monoxide Monitor


The AMC 1ACOs Gas Monitor provides an all-in-one carbon monoxide monitoring package, incorporating state of the art sensing technology using microcontroller based design to provide accurate gas detection capabilities within a compact package.


  • Eligible for AMC  EZ Cal Sensor Exchange Program
  • 4‐20 mA Output can be tied back to variable drives and fan motors for significant energy savings over traditional “all or nothing” ventilation strategies
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The AMC-1ACO incorporates a robust steel enclosure designed to provide optimal gas flow ensuring rapid response.

It is ideally suited for smaller parking and/or service garages for detecting the exhaust of gasoline, propane, or natural gas powered vehicles.

The monitor delivers low cost and versatility, turning even the simplest job into big savings. It incorporates a robust enclosure designed to provide optimal gas flow ensuring optimum response.

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