Fire Sentry FS24X Flame Detector

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Using Honeywell’s patented WideBand IR™, WideBand 4.3 micron IR™, and Visible detection technology, the Fire Sentry FS24X is a quantum leap in flame and fire detection. Sophisticated software algorithms and dual microprocessors ensure that the Fire Sentry FS24X has the highest fire detection performance combined with optimal false alarm rejection.


  • Low power consumption
  • FirePic™ — pre-fire event data storage
  • Dual microprocessors for reliable performance


The Fire Sentry FS24X is the latest generation high technology Multi-Spectrum Triple IR (IR/IR/IR/Visible) Fire and Flame Detector, which is part of our FSX family of advanced technology Electro-Optical fire detectors.

The WideBand IR™ Infrared technology using high-speed solid-state Quantum sensors allows detection of all types of fires, hydrocarbon and non-hydrocarbon, in all weather conditions. If the detector’s signal is blocked by ordinary window glass, the patented WideBand IR sensors will still alarm to the fire but at a reduced sensitivity and slower response time.

Dual microprocessors provide a high level of fail-safe operation combined with fast and reliable performance. The Master Microprocessor performs highspeed digital sampling and signal-processing calculations; while the slave microprocessor handles various sensor data, performs communications, selfdiagnostics and provides interface versatility; and additional memory for storing
Event Log and FirePic™ data.

Quick Specs

  • Field of View: 90° Full 100% Cone of vision, ± 45° from on axis
  • Temperature Range: Operating: -40 to +185oF (-40 to +85oC)
    Storage: -67 to +230oF (-55 to +110oC)
  • 3-year warranty

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