• Sensepoint XRLpdf

    Sensepoint XRL is a fixed point gas detector with Bluetooth that allows the user to connect the gas detector to a smartphone or tablet running the Sensepoint gas detector app. Sensepoint XRL is available as a flammable gas detector for the detection of potentially explosive gases, or as a toxic gas detector for the detection of a range of toxic gas hazards commonly found in industrial applications. Features and Benefits
    • Manage installation, commissioning and maintenance from the gas detector app on your smartphone or tablet
    • Robust aluminum housing
    • Worldwide hazardous area approvals
    • Compatible with Touchpoint Plus and other industry-standard controllers
  • Sensepoint XCLpdf

    Sensepoint XCL is a fixed gas detector that delivers the safety and compliance you expect — plus the affordability and ease of use that you don’t. It was designed especially for commercial and light industrial applications, delivering just the right amount of functionality to protect people on your premises and ensure compliance with regulations. Features and Benefits
    • Manage installation, commissioning and maintenance from the gas detector app on your smartphone
    • Aesthetic design blends in to the environment
    • Simple, robust housing with our easiest ever installation and maintenance
    • Integral gassing port for hard-to-reach locations
    • Compatible with Touchpoint Plus and other industry-standard controllers
  • Sensepoint Gas Detectorpdf

    ATEX certified flammable, toxic and oxygen gas detectors that offer a high-quality, low-cost solution to monitoring hazardous areas. Features and Benefits
    • Proven SurecellTM electrochemical sensors
    • Fast and reliable
    • Worldwide hazardous area approvals
    • Minimal training required
  • Searchzone Sonikpdf

    A robust and reliable gas-leak detection device, Searchzone Sonik will efficiently “hear” the loss of containment of any high-pressure gas within its listening zone. As it responds to the ultrasonic sound pressure level produced by pressurized gas leaks, it is therefore unaffected by environmental conditions. Features and Benefits
    • Maximizes the safety and efficiency of your mix of fixed gas detectors
    • Provides reliable gas leak detection in a wide range of applications and working environments
    • Minimizes the risks of false alarms
    • Increases ease of use with advanced set-up and test tools
  • OELDpdf

    OELD is a smart junction box for either a Searchpoint Optima Plus or Searchline Excel gas detector. In addition to serving as a 4-to-20 milliamp (mA) communications bridge between the detector and the controller, the gas sensor junction box includes an LCD screen for gas concentration and other information, as well as a traffic-light indicator for at-a-glance safety status — all in a robust metal housing and with a wide range of approvals. Features and Benefits
    • Gas sensor junction box featuring simplified maintenance using familiar smartphone technology
    • Robust aluminum housing
    • Smart junction box provides non-intrusive interaction reducing maintenance time and safety risk
    • Bright “traffic light” indicator for safety awareness
  • Honeywell FS24Xpdf

    Using Honeywell's patented WideBand IR™, WideBand 4.3 micron IR™, and Visible detection technology, the Fire Sentry FS24X is a quantum leap in flame and fire detection. Sophisticated software algorithms and dual microprocessors ensure that the Fire Sentry FS24X has the highest fire detection performance combined with optimal false alarm rejection. Features
    • Low power consumption
    • FirePic™ — pre-fire event data storage
    • Dual microprocessors for reliable performance
  • Sensepoint XCD RFDpdf

    The Sensepoint XCD RFD is a flammable gas transmitter for use with remotely mounted flammable gas sensors. This configuration is ideal for applications where the sensor is required to be mounted remotely from the transmitter in areas where temperatures are well above ambient (up to 150°C/302°F), or that are difficult to access. Features
    • Accurate detection with fast response
    • Mount sensor up to 100 ft. from transmitter
    • Easy to read tri-color backlit display
  • Honeywell FS20Xpdf

    Part of the FSX family of electro-optical flame detectors, the FS20X represents a quantum leap in integrating infrared and ultraviolet sensing technologies. It is a Multi-Spectrum and UV/Dual IR/VIS Flame Detector with a proven UV solar-blind sensor. Features
    • Detects hydrocarbon and non-hydrocarbon fuel fires in all environmental conditions
    • Range greater than 200 feet to 1 sq. ft. heptane fire
    • Arc welding immunity
  • CET LPTpdf

    A single channel, analog gas detector for enclosed parking facilities, recreational facilities, oxygen depletion applications. Different models are available for monitoring various different gases including Ammonia, Carbon monoxide, Nitrogen dioxide, Chlorine, Ozone and Oxygen. Features
    • 2-wire loop, 3-wire VDC or 4-wire VAC power
    • Standard water / dust tight, corrosion resistant enclosure (drip proof)
    • IP54 rated with optional splash guard installed
  • CET LPT-Mpdf

    A full featured, digital (Modbus®) gas detector equipped with a single channel, internal electrochemical 6-year carbon monoxide (CO) sensor (0 - 200 ppm range). Features
    • Standard water / dust tight, corrosion resistant enclosure (drip proof)
    • LCD display
    • IP54 rated with optional splash guard installed
  • CET AST IS Industrialpdf

    Infrared Carbon dioxide analog gas detector with a 0 - 2,000 ppm measurement range, housed in a water tight enclosure for wall mount applications. Comes with a display and analog output; ideal for most large spaces. Features
    • For wet environment applications
    • Long sensor life (approx. 15 years)
    • Low maintenance, easy calibration
  • CET CXTpdf

    The CXT transmitter enables reliable, accurate monitoring of toxic or combustible gases in potentially explosive and harsh environments, including hazardous-rated areas. This model features an infrared butane (C4H10) sensor (0 - 100% LEL range). Features
    • Large graphic LCD display for real time monitoring
    • Security menu with authorization code access to lock critical parameters
    • Rugged construction to withstand impact damage