To determine if Multigas Detection can provide you with all the necessary detectors, we need to know your objectives for installing a detection instrument.

Gas monitors are used in different industries for the welfare and safety of property and personnel from toxic gas exposure. Multigas offers detection devices that can detect nearly all types of hazardous gases broadly split into combustibles and toxics.

These can be installed at strategic locations in facilities where exposure is most likely to occur. Our fixed gas detection systems are user-friendly and are an essential component of an organization’s safety program.

When do you need Multigas Detectors for your Facility?

Many industrial processes generate combustible gases and vapors, which can burn while mixed with air, at times violently. Some examples are:

■ Removal of inflammable materials from pipes and tanks during cleaning, hot work such as welding, or line breaking.
■ Evaporation of inflammable solvents in a drying oven.
■ Spreading, coating, and spraying objects with adhesives, paint, or other materials containing combustible solvents.
■ Producing and mixing flammable gases or liquids.
■ Storage of combustible substances.
■ Burning of gas or oil.
■ The combined power and heat plants.and many more…

Multigas combustible gas detection systems can make a precious contribution to maintaining safety during these processes. They generate alarms if a particular concentration of toxic or flammable gas is exceeded. These devices provide an early warning of gas and ensure people’s protection.

Areas of Gas Detection Covered by Multigas

Multigas Detection and Reltech have attempted for the premier standard of excellence, integrity, and quality.

According to industry best practices for optimal gas detection, our experience working with building proprietors and operators has resulted in superior service standards and calibration. We ensure security and protection from gas hazards, with the highest level of energy efficiency.

The goal of Multigas is maximum safety combined with a decrease in capital expenditures due to lower operating costs and maximum sensor lifespan.

Multigas Detection offers Gas detection services for the following areas.

• Chemical Storage.
• Arenas.
• Mechanical Rooms.
• Oil and Gas.
• Automotive Dealerships.
• Swimming Pools.
• Chemical Storage.
• Warehouses.
• Parking Garages.

Multigas detection system mechanisms like controllers, transmitters, and sensors can be supplied individually or as part of a complete system.

Multigas Detection also provides automation and control services. Our experienced team of technicians are factory trained and specialized in giving the best service in Western Canada, and we are on-call 24/7.


The security of plant assets, buildings, and personnel is a vital concern. Facilities should meet their security needs while optimizing business and operational performance.

Faced with this reality, MultigasDetection seeks to employ advanced gas-safety technologies to ensure the highest level of protection and the lowest risk for their most significant resources.