Why should I choose “Multigas” to supply and maintain my gas detectors?

Monitoring your atmosphere for toxic gases is a significant part of workplace safety. Many gases, like carbon monoxide, can be hard to discover without gas detectors. You can’t taste, smell, and see these gases, so you have to use a gas detection system to ensure that you and the entire workforce have access to fresh [...]

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What do fixed gas detectors do?

The monitoring and detection of gas in the workplace saves many lives each year. Gas detectors ensure workplace safety by alerting workers to their exposure to dangerous and deadly gas, the presence of explosive gases, or the lack of oxygen in a specified area. There are two common types of gas detectors: fixed gas detectors [...]

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Can Multigas provide the gas detectors that I need for my facility?

To determine if Multigas Detection can provide you with all the necessary detectors, we need to know your objectives for installing a detection instrument. Gas monitors are used in different industries for the welfare and safety of property and personnel from toxic gas exposure. Multigas offers detection devices that can detect nearly all types of [...]

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Do I need to get my gas detectors calibrated?

because of The most frequent breakdown in catalytic sensors is performance degradation exposure to certain poisons. Therefore, it is necessary that any gas detection system be calibrated at the time of installation and checked often and re-calibrated as required. The frequency of gas detection system calibration is one of the most common questions regarding the [...]

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