Monitoring your atmosphere for toxic gases is a significant part of workplace safety. Many gases, like carbon monoxide, can be hard to discover without gas detectors. You can’t taste, smell, and see these gases, so you have to use a gas detection system to ensure that you and the entire workforce have access to fresh air.

Multigas Detection Services:

Multigas Detection services focus on fixed gas detection systems for different applications, including industrial and commercial institutions. We promise to cover each and every aspect of your gas detection needs, from consultation and system design to supply and installation, to commissioning and ongoing calibration and maintenance.
Our expert technician team are factory-certified and qualified for all the brands of equipment that we distribute. They have extensive experience with dozens of others, for the premiere level of service. We always run the extra mile to make sure your building is healthy and safe.

Here are some reasons for choosing Multigas;

Protect Workers

Installing gas detection systems from Multigas will protect your workers from exposure to whatever gas-related hazards may exist in your facility – toxic gases, explosive gases, or even oxygen displacement.

Your staff’s safety is the highest priority, and you need to know the levels of any potential hazards before allowing your personnel into the workplace. Properly maintained gas detectors are the way to ensure that you always do.

Avoid Hazards

With proper maintenance, our detectors can rapidly and easily identify hazardous gas levels in workspaces.

Toxic gases can have immediate or long-term health consequences. Properly maintained gas detectors enable you to ensure that hazardous gases are kept below regulated limits.

Combustion of flammable gases can cause massive explosions that can destroy property and injure or kill your team. Properly maintained combustible gas detectors enable you to ensure that flammable gasses are not building up to explosive levels.

Run Smooth Operations

When used to control ventilation in a facility, properly maintained gas detectors can allow you to reduce power and heat usage by not exchanging air more than is actually necessary while still maintaining a safe environment.

Reduce Losses

A well designed and maintained gas detection system considerably lowers the risk of any gas-related occurrences, by either preventing the buildup of harmful gas in the first place or by warning workers about the presence of harmful gas before it can cause them harm.
Installing and maintaining a gas detection system can prevent the catastrophic expense of a severe incident involving toxic or combustible gases in your facility.


MultigasDetection realizes that factors like short-term budget issues, work schedules, other projects, and so on can impact the calibration schedule. Safety of the public, onsite workers, and building fitness is the company’s number one priority, and we can always adapt our schedule to meet your needs. At the end of the day, we want everyone who goes into our customers’ buildings to go home safely.

Multigas Detection assesses each customer’s needs separately to choose the best equipment for the job. Please visit the Product Lines and Certification Page of Multigas Detection for more equipment-related information, or contact our estimating team to discuss your facility’s specific requirements.